About me

My name is Yuriy [ˈjuːɹi] ([ˈjuˑɾʲɪj] in Russian, [ˈjuˑɾʲij] in Ukrainian) and I hail from Ukraine. I’m a linguist, language teacher and computer programmer.

In my early 20’s, I spent about five years living in the greater NYC area, working primarily as a computer programming, but also fiddling around a lot and dreaming of studying linguistics one day.

My husband and I moved to Germany in 2012, where I began studying linguistics. I finished my PhD in linguistics in 2019. My thesis was dedicated to word-level prosody in Modern Lithuanian.

Having worked once again as a computer programmer for several years, I am now back to the world of linguistics, working as part of the Cyclic Optimization research unit at Leipzig University.

My research interests include issues at the syntax-PF interface. I am interested in agreement, case and lexical accent. I like to refer to myself as a ‘linguist at large’ because I like almost everything that has to do with linguistics. I also teach Lithuanian at the Spracheninstitut an der Universität Leipzig. Learning and teaching foreign languages is a big hobby of mine.

I like drawing and painting even though I am not really good at it. I am planning on attending art classes in the future.

I really like dogs and cats. My husband and I are currently parenting a wonderful puppy named Kira.